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Finding The Suit That Suits You

Hands up if you still haven’t found the perfect suit. It’s not as easy as it looks, is it? Whether you’re getting it custom-made or buying it off the rack and are consequently bamboozled with all the cut and color options and the choice of accessories, it’s no wonder we put off suit shopping for another day.

But it doesn’t have to be so hard. With winning color and cut combinations, as well as fail-safe accessories, here is your guide to finding your ultimate two-piece companion.

Get it tailored

We get it, every guy is built differently, and if you really want to look sleek and refined, it’s always best to have your suit made by a tailor. At the end of the day, it’s cheaper to invest in one suit and have it last a lifetime rather than go through multiple cheap options from the store.

By having it tailored, you’re ensuring better quality stitching, material and cut that’s designed to fall impeccably off your body and fit you like a glove. Forget baggy shoulders, long trousers and tacky buttons. Say hello to unique fabrics that you can’t find in a store, higher attention to detail that accentuates your best features and a smart, streamlined appearance that will invite a second glance wherever you go.

Accessories, accessories, accessories

Gone are the days when every man in a black suit would look the same. With the birth of new and exciting materials, cuts and quirks come the accessories! Keep your suit from becoming too predictable with a pocket square to add a pop of color into the mix, a stylish bag that upscale the elegance, a warm scarf for the colder months and a pair of men’s diamond earrings.

Choose your color

So many occasions demand a suit, so opt for a color that is flexible and suits (pun intended) a variety of social obligations. Most importantly, you want it to complement your complexion.

Generally speaking, if you’re darker skinned, stick to the blues, burgundies and greens. For medium and olive-skinned people, it’s all about the tans, pastels and whites. As for the paler ones among us, keep to browns, blacks and navies.

If you’re hoping to purchase a few suits, think about the seasons you’re going to be wearing them in, investing in some lighter ones for summer and more formal, darker pieces for winter.

Bring some attitude

You don’t want to do all that hard work finding the suit, only to neglect wearing it properly. Pay attention to the finer details, like unbuttoning your jacket when you sit down, straightening it around your shoulders and smoothing your shirt. A true gentleman doesn’t leave sophistication to chance!

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